Richardson was an obnoxious child.

At a very young age, Richardson knew that he wanted to be an actor.  And he wasn't shy about it.  Whether he was running onto the stage of a local theater performance (he wasn't in the show) or giving his mother a reason to disappear into a world of silent sighs and QVC binge shopping by incessantly belting out showtunes and Soul Asylum, little Richardson was determined to let the world know that he was there to perform. 

When the area community and dinner theaters proved to not be enough for him, he enrolled in the Baltimore School for the Arts, a high school 45 minutes away from his home in Bel Air. 

That's Bel Air, Maryland, folks.  Calm down. 

(Sidenote: Jada Pinkett went to his high school and some theater kids called him the fresh prince of Bel Air when he was actually playing a prince.  That's 2, Will Smith.  2.) 

2 years of taking a commuter bus with sleeping business people was enough for Richardson, so he got a job serving fish at the harbor, hon, and moved into a studio right by school.  Unfortunately, it kept getting robbed, so he moved out to Pikesville with some buddies and very few possessions. 

After high school, he spent a few glorious years in Chicago before moving to NYC.  Terrified, he drove a Uhaul over the Brooklyn bridge and scaled the fire escape of his new South Williamsburg apartment building after locking the keys inside his new home upon initial entry. 


He earned a B.A. in theater performance from Fordham College at Lincoln Center and hit the New York theater scene.  He played a mental patient, a dying man, and a suicidal priest.  Something had to change. 

Richardson's next stop was San Francisco to attend American Conservatory Theater's M.F.A. acting program.  After his 2nd night of sleeping on a blow up mattress in his new studio in the "charming" Tenderloin district, Richardson woke up to a fire alarm.  Apparently the meth lab 2 floors down had caught on fire. 

In grad school, Richardson fell in love with comedy.  He studied clowning and movement and singing.  In acting class he played the fools of Shakespeare and Pinter.  He created a mostly naked clown named Beastie and a transgender maid who changed her accent depending on who she was talking to.  On the mainstage, he had the wonderful opportunity to play opposite Bill Irwin in his production of Scapin! as Sylvestre, his dimwitted sidekick.

Richardson now lives in Los Angeles where he still studies at places like Steppenwolf West, Upright Citizens Brigade and The Groundlings while working in film and television.  Check out the News section to hear about his latest gigs! 

                                                                                                                Extremely Tall and Incredibly Awkward 

                                                                                                                Extremely Tall and Incredibly Awkward 

                                               At the age of 15, Richardson sang and danced about hookers in  The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas.

                                               At the age of 15, Richardson sang and danced about hookers in The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas.